• Michael Weeding

Because celebrities should get paid for posting on Twitter

So let’s review the formula. You generate the content and the social networks where you post take most of the money made through selling advertising. Does this sounds a little unfair?

Well not really, without the social networks you would not have a place to easily connect and communicate with your audience, even if you do have a large and loyal following. In addition, many could argue that the content posted by some of the highest earning YouTube stars is not with the millions of dollars they receive.

Now Mobio Insider, wants “niche social media influencers” to get paid for their twitter presence through their “Be Social. Get Paid.” revenue sharing program. As a result they are targeting mainstream celebrities as they are the biggest social influencers who have a very large, and very engaged social media following.

So it is good to know that someone is looking after the celebrities, because they should get paid more money for the crap they post on Twitter. I mean why should posts like these just fade into the Interwebs.

Maybe it does feel a little bit unfair, unless of course you are a celebrity!