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Is Square Reader now dead to the iPhone

Apple may be looking to kill the classic 3.5 mm headphone jack in favour of the company’s propriety ‘Lightning’ port, providing some clarity around Apple’s decision to buy Beats Music for $3.2 billion. So what now for services that use the headphone jack with the most obvious being the Square Reader?

The decision to switch from the headphone jack to the Lightning connector will transform the traditional, ‘dumb’ headphones into a smart device. Since the Lightning jack can also receive power, not just send it, you could still charge a device by connecting it to your headphones while listening to music. Now that sounds like a pretty good idea!

It could also pave the way for Apple to make the iPhone slimmer, if you look at the bottom you will see the width that is needed to support the jack. A slimmer device is a must in the hyper competitive world of smartphones.

Apple is not afraid of making contentious decision evidence by the fact they orphaned millions of dock connector-equipped accessories almost overnight when they moved away from the 30 pin dock connector. As a result this news has made many cringe with fear driven by the vision of hoards of angry Apple customers scrambling for adaptors to connect their old headphones to their new device.

So while people will say it is a bad decision I do not think Tim Cook will have too many sleepless nights as a result. With every decision Apple makes it always seem to be with the longer term vision in mind, which is ultimately improving the device and the quality of the services you consume using the iPhone.

So what now with the non headphone devices that have been made to connect to the headphone jack such as the Square Reader. Like every symbiotic relationship in the Digital ecosystem they will need to adapt, and the good news for Square is that they are already there as the new Square Stand uses the Lightning port.

Or they can choose to support only Android smartphones.

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