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If you like cricket, you will love this content

In the era of content everyone is looking for ways to get noticed, from big brands to individuals and as a result creativity comes in all shapes irrespective of the size of budgets. Attaching a Go Pro to the helmet of a professional cricketer would not have taken much effort and the output provides us with a lesson in content production and promotion.

Developing good content is not always about how professionally it is produced but in some cases how its raw production of real life situations is able to create a connection with an audience. That is why individuals armed with little more than a Smartphone can become YouTube sensations earning millions of dollars in the process and why the footage filmed from a GoPro on top of Adam Gilchrist helmet is so good.

The GoPro camera was attached to Gilchrist’s helmet while he was playing in the bicentenary match between the MCC and the Rest of the World at the home of cricket. Viewers are able to see cricket played through the eyes of a player (not just a camera inside the stumps) and the footage is fantastic as deliveries bowled in exceed of 150 kilometres an hour are wacked to the boundary. If you like cricket this is a view that is rarely seen by supporters.

The lesson, sometimes when producing content it is as simple as just making things real, although considering how little traffic the clips have generated it also highlights that it is not always about how good the content is but also how it is promoted.

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