• Michael Weeding

Facebook has never been free

Facebook seems to be getting bashed around a little bit lately, the reason is that the news is out that engagement for the most followed brands has declined year on year by over 40%, and that is even in the content era where more and more content is being posted to this channel. So has all the time and effort to build an audience of followers been wasted?

Facebook has been clear in saying that they are an advertising platform, which is why they have been changing their News Feed algorithm to reduce the organic reach of New Feed posts. So the impact is that it is not so easy for brands to freely access their followers.

So you may be angered by this chain of events, if so and you happen to work in a digital marketing role your anger may be driven by the fact that at some time you have made recommendations to go for growth and amass a huge Facebook following to either your employer or your clients.

So why the panic?

Facebook was never going to be a free channel, and if Facebook’s ad revenue has increased in the last 12 months by 82% it could be argued that brands that built huge followers such as Nike probably worked out that to maintain a connections with this audience they would need to do more than just produce content.

Facebook also has the advantage of being one of the most cost effective marketing channel for brand advertising, if you have built a large following. So despite anyone who maybe angered by this move it will be unlikely that we will see a mass exodus of brands as they leave the channel in protest.

So if you have not already it is about time to start to transfer some of your marketing budget to increase the engagement with your audience you have built. It is also time for those who have been saying for years not to build an audience unless you are prepared to spend money to connect with them to say “I told you so”.


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