• Michael Weeding

For Samsung it is all about accessories

When Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is launched it will reportedly feature an ultraviolet (UV) sensor that will allow you to measure the sun’s radiation levels giving you the best defence in avoiding the rays that will damage your skin. Samsung’s strategy to come up with as many features humanly possible to fit into a phone is obviously in full swing, but what’s next?

If you are thinking a methane gas detector then it has already been developed, there are iOS and Android compatible accessories that will do that job. Accessories like this do have more practical applications than what you are probably thinking, such as detecting a range of poisonous gases, although I am sure it could be used to detect emissions from your closest neighbours if that is what you need.

Maybe the real problem is that if every different practical accessories that is if ever going to be invented will be compatible with every Smartphone running on iOS or Android how then how do manufacturers like Samsung keep on making themselves relevant to consumers.

The answer if you do not have an ecosystem like Apple is to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise, because one can never do enough to avoid the damaging rays of the sun.


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