• Michael Weeding

Candy Crush is a real saga for King Digital

The shares price of King Digital, the publisher of popular smartphone games like Candy Crush Saga plunged more than 25% this week on the back of their reported $594 million in revenue when analyst were expecting the publisher to bring in revenues of $608 million. WHAT…a digital publisher that employs 250 people can generate this much revenue much of it from people who just want to line up their fruit. So what is going wrong?

In our world of hyper consumerism customers have fewer reasons to be loyal than ever before. Technology is the new disposable and empowered customers are now in control, an experience that they like today can quickly become out-dated. So the users of Candy Crush Saga is in decline and the impact has caused King Digital’s share price to plunge.

I know what you are thinking, based on your own personal experience you could have told them that this was going to happen. After a few months of playing the game you got bored and stopped or found a new way to entertain yourself when waiting for the bus or sitting on the toilet.

But have you been paying attention to this trend and how it can impact your business. That is right, people will get bored and move on, or they will find something else that delivers a better experience. So what are you doing about it?

The Engagement Curse is one that will haunt every business and the impact is that you need to find new ways to keep engaging your customers through Digital channels. But be warned, do not get too comfortable once you find something that works. History will show that it may not take too much time before that becomes an experience that is so yesterday.

Despite all this you cannot be impressed with an organisation that is generating that much revenue off the back of a smartphone.

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