• Michael Weeding

These guys do not need an audience!

So there is a lot of good that social media has brought to the world and opportunities to use it to connect to people and communities are endless. The only problem is that it is also gives the wrong people an audience, here are some of the most recent fails.

There are just some people and events that do not need an audience and if social media was a person it would cringe knowing how it is being used to promote the un-promotable. Twitter provided a great platform for a proud father to broadcast a picture of his 8 year old son hiding a decapitated human head.

Then there are those that will use any trending topic to generate revenue. The death of Robin Williams provided a great opportunity for a group of scammers to promote a fake video message that Robin Williams made before his death. The truth is that there is no video at all and the post on Facebook has been shared over 24 million times.

Now we have the footage of graphic and disturbing video of Islamic militants beheading American journalist James Foley being shared across the Internet. Twitter became the first social media platform to take a proactive stance on sharing and suspended any accounts from where the video was shared. Maybe Twitter has decided they do not want to be known as the platform of choice for militants and terrorists across the world to promote their exploits and grow supporters and followers.

But amongst this doom and gloom there is hope, with the ALS ice bucket challenge donations breaking the $50 million mark. So the message is clear, share more positivity and stop giving the people who do not need an audience a platform.


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