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Wearable technology in action

If you think wearable technology is a concept that will only become a reality in the years ahead think again. You only need to look as far as the travel industry to see organisations that have embraced this new technology and are using it today to improve customer experience. Here are some of the pilots going on today.

Virgin Atlantic concierge staff in the Upper Class Wing of Heathrow have been using Google Glass and other wearable technology to deliver a very personal customer service. According to website “Future Travel Experience” the airline has confirmed that the pilot which ran for 6 weeks had been such as success they will productionise the use of Google Glass.

They are not the only ones with Chinese low-cost carrier Spring Airlines using Google Glass to help improve on-board customer service. In their pilot cabin crew used the technology to help identify passengers who had requested food and beverages.

It is not only about Google Glass, there are a number of airlines who have enabled passengers with a Samsung Gear 2, Moto 360 and Pebble Steel Smartwatch to load their boarding pass onto their wrist.

With customer service being central to the way airlines can differentiate themselves from their competition it is not surprising to see them embrace wearable technology. So the future where everyone worker at airports and on aircraft across the world is more connected to helping you may not be as far away as you may think.

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