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The mobile device will continue to change the way we consumer video

Mobile video content consumption is on the rise and in a recent report from Ooyala they reported a 532% year-over-year increase in mobile video viewership since 2012. So the mobile video content revolution is here but to respond it may not be as simple as inserting video into your content strategy, here are some things to consider.

Apple gadgets accounted for 64% of mobile video views worldwide in the first quarter of 2014, despite Android shipments far exceeding those of Apple. As the new iPhone 6 has bigger and better screens you would expect that video consumption of your customers who use these devices should continue to increase further. Some devices providing a different experience when it comes to viewing video content, it is important to look at what and how people are consuming across each device and think about tailoring experiences accordingly.

Telco’s everywhere are continually improving their networks with a focus on delivering a better mobile experience. In Australia the major Telco’s are now switching on 4G 700MHz in more locations on the back of the Analog TV being turned off allowing them to secure spectrum in the 700MHz and 2.5GHz bands. It is not only about delivering faster speeds and more capacity, the low-frequency nature of 700MHz means the mobile signal can travel relatively longer distances improving coverage. So while this will benefit those living in remote or rural areas in places like Australia it will also mean better performance inside buildings.

As screens get smaller the content being produced for us to view is changing. Netflix revealed that they are contemplating whether to integrate shorter video clips into its catalog to account for the rising number of users of the company’s mobile app. So it may not only be about creating shorter videos but breaking down your videos into shorter bit sized formats to be consumed over a number of sessions.

Despite the growth, when it comes to mobile video consumption it is clear that we are only at the very beginning. So go forth and produce mobile optimised video content but be careful, if the content that you produce does not appeal to your target market then it does not matter how much more content is being consumed as none of this growth will be your content being consumed.

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