• Michael Weeding

Will the contextual consumer freak you out?

As the technology we use continues to get smarter, contextual relevance is becoming an important part of optimising every engagement. It started with just making sure that content we display is optimised for the device someone is using and in some cases the user’s location. But there is a new breed of consumer around the corner and are we ready to take advantage of this opportunity?

The more contextual tools someone has the more powerful they can become if they choose to use these devices wisely. With the growth in adoption of the Smartphone came the rise of services that leveraged the geo-location of the device. With this growth the savvier consumer soon learned that allowing brands that they trust to track them or by declaring their location through checking in gave them access to a range of services and offers. The brands that responded to the location based demands of these consumers were in many cases rewarded with their business.

Now the information that can be captured through our ever evolving contextual devices is growing, location tracking has evolved to fitness, health and financial transactions. There is no doubt that there will be many different Apps that will pop up over the coming years providing valuable services to those who share this data and expect value in return, the contextual consumer.

You would also have to think that much of the innovation targeted at the contextual consumer will originate from smaller more nimble start-ups who have the opportunity to focus on one part of the value chain. The real question is how ready are many larger well established organisations to deliver services based on the contextual demand of the new consumer or will they be left behind frozen with fear of crossing the freaky line?

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