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WHAT, the KLM dog is a fake?

Last week the Internet was awash with images of the cute little Beagle named Sherlock who’s was employed by KLM a to help people find lost items before they even knew they had lost them. So they say you should not believe everything you see on the Internet and this is no exception as alas poor little Sherlock was all made up. So is tricking people good publicity?

The first point to note is that you the internet user will share anything you come across that involves anything mildly funny, cute, offensive, silly etc. Let’s face it, you will share most things. So KLM created a campaign targeted at Social Media users. If no one shared the video the campaign would fail, so you would have to argue the content was spot on as you would expect the campaign achieved all it set out to accomplish.

The next point is that you the Internet user have a choice as to what you share. In the case of this video there were some tell tale signs of this video being a fake if you really thought about the content before sharing.

The lost iPhone was found in the seat pocket. The flight attendant has a more reliable source available to use to return the phone to its rightful owner other than a dog, it is called the passenger manifest and it tells them who was sitting at that seat. Better to page them than to send a dog on an epic journey of discovery.

So what if the video was a fake, it was some light hearted humour designed to create some buzz on social media and it worked. You never know, maybe just one day a dog called Sherlock will appear in an airport near you. My only request if this happens is that the owner cleans up after them.

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