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Tesla, the lifestyle brand that may just change the world

Every car manufacturer around the world is working hard integrating technology into all the new cars that they are building, although there seems to be only one that is getting all the attention. So what does Tesla have that the other car manufactures do not?

They are not the only car manufacturer to build an electric car but they are the first to demonstrate that an electric car can actually be more than an oversized golf cart. While many would argue they have made the electric car cool what they are really doing is making the brand a true lifestyle choice. This is the car that you choose if you want the latest and greatest in regard to technology, add to this the feeling of doing something positive for the environment.

They are not the first and only car to have forward radar, ultrasonic sensors positioned around the car, a forward looking camera as well as a high precision, digitally controlled electric assist braking system. But they are doing a much better job at connecting potential customers with the possibilities of how this technology can change the way we drive, including nudging us all a little closer towards the reality of the driverless car.

Last but not least no other car manufacturer has Elon Musk at the helm. Elon has been compared by many to the late Steve Jobs as a result of how this business seems to be following a similar path to that of Apple. Although there is one big difference, unlike Steve Jobs, Elon Musk is allowing other car manufacturers to get their hands on the technology that Tesla has developed.

So in essence Musk is building the Apple/Google hybrid of the car manufacturing world.

Considering all the challenges that lie ahead in breaking our reliance on the combustion engine and replacing that with electric the world needs an entrepreneur like Elon Musk. He has already challenged the automotive industry to change by proving the possibilities of developing an efficient electrical engine and in the process be prepared to work collaboratively to overcome the barriers that will prevent electric cars becoming mainstream.

If there is one lesson we have learned from Apple it is that the power of making a brand a lifestyle choice is the rapid pace of change this will drive. So the Tesla story is going to be one to follow very closely as this will be a ride that could change the world.

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