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FanBoost, is this the future of digital marketing for sports?

Sports and Social Media are made for each other, through the use of digital and social a fans passion can be amplified generating massive amounts of buzz on aggregate for sports stars and sporting codes. If you are looking for very cool digital marketing concept then you should check out FanBoost.

Formula E racing is the world’s first fully-electric racing series that kicked off in September this year. Now I am not a massive fan of motor sports but this is worth checking out as you may be pleasantly surprised to find some impressive racing cars that do not look at all like oversized golf carts.

If we are serious about reducing our carbon footprint then you would have to think that we are all going to be driving electric cars in the future and therefore the only cars racing will have to be electric. So this does in essence represents the dawning of a new age of motor sports.

Formula E are also pushing the boundaries in their use of digital and social media by creating FanBoost where fans can give their favourite driver an extra speed boost by voting for them. The three drivers with the most votes before the start of each race will each receive one temporary five-second ‘power boost that will increase their car’s power from 150kw (202.5bhp) to 180kw (243bhp). So with this on the line you would have to think that drivers are going to do all that they can to build a very active fan base.

It is the dream of all sporting codes to create experiences that can harness a sporting fans passion and by creating a connection through social media that connects a fan with the outcome on an event is a very interesting concept that if evolved in the right way could become very powerful. If it does it would be interesting to see if other sporting codes around the world tap into this as a concept?

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