• Michael Weeding

Romancing the past

Somehow technology has made us antisocial, we look down not up, we send messages rather than talk. It not like the good old days that many would have us believe when things were different. Maybe to get a real comparison on whether technology has disrupted the good old days we need to look a little deeper than our imaginations.

You get onto a crowded bus and I agree everyone is looking down at their phones.

So why is this so bad?

It is not as if the bus is a social community where everyone is expected to interact and engage.

If they were not looking at their phones they would be reading a newspaper and annoying the person next to them every time they attempted to turn to another page.

Or they would looking out the window, not admiring the view that never really changes day after day but pondering how they can get to work and quickly complete the tasks ahead so they can get home to spend more time with their family.

When I look back at the past I do not see a better time that has been interrupted by technology. I see the opportunities that we now have at our fingertips and look forward to what the future will bring.

So here’s to looking down!

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