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There are many different things that would be keeping digital marketers awake at night as they ponder the next big opportunity and you would have think that one of these things would be the growth in the amount of video content consumed on a mobile device. So why is this important?

To understand the importance of video content consumption we first need to think about one of the most important sources of traffic to our websites, which for many would be search. As a result search has always been an important part of any marketing strategy, but for how much longer. It appears that social sharing has the potential to drive far more traffic than search in the future, that is if you believe the data coming from Shareaholic which indicates social drives a larger relative percentage of visits than search across the 300,000 sites they track.

So if we are sharing a lot more content then it is more than likely that much of this content contains video, and not just any old video but content that has been made for viewing on our smartphone. Video content is being consumed today more across a mobile device than any other, eMarketer has reported that 72% of smartphone users watch video on their device and spend 50% more time watching video on their mobile than their desktop.

So in our quest to drive more traffic you need to be thinking about the important role video will play, and not just any video content but content made for consumption on a mobile device.

The shift to social sharing is definitely on and marketers who quickly adapt to the changing face of content consumption, in this case mobile optimised video may find they are the first to leverage a new opportunity long before their competitors.

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