• Michael Weeding

The Price of Early Tech Adoption

So Google Glass has graduated and is moving out of the Google X lab to a place where it can be treated less as an experiment. So what about the “Glass Explorers”, those guinea pigs who each spent money buying Glass and were an important part of this experiment?

It appears nothing, they all just need to accept the role they played in being instrumental in assisting Google define the challenges in the commercialising wearable technology and feel proud that wherever Glass lands in the future they were an important part of its development.

So if a product like Glass that many have invested good money in purchasing can be withdrawn at a moments notice does this put the role that consumers play in public beta testing into question or is this the price you play to be an early adopter.

After all at least Glass Explorers got to play with the product, there are many who have invested in a Kickstarter project that have nothing to show. The only difference is that Google is a much larger company so I bet many would have thought their investment may have gone a little further.

Best just to mark this one up as the dilemma of being an early adopter.

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