• Michael Weeding

A message to Android fans, “keep the faith…for now”

Android fans would be reeling with the news that for the first time ever Android sales went into decline in Q4 2014. Although the news that will cause the greatest despair is the iPhone is outselling Android handsets in the US. So what should we make of this?

When it comes to the number of smartphone sold the number of iOS devices accounted for 47.7% of sales, while Android devices accounted for 47.6%. So it was pretty close, in fact many would argue there is no difference at all, unless you like the hype and in that case this 0.1% is massive.

Many would argue on the back of this news that Google has not been able to capitalise on the opportunity in developing markets where the uptake of low costs smartphones are on the rise. This could creating the concern that maybe forked versions of Android are fast becoming one of Googles biggest threat to world domination.

Then again just maybe people want to buy an iPhone despite the price. Although knowing that a large number of people across the world cannot afford an iPhone you would have to think that this is not a trend we will see repeated too often.

So the hardened Android fans can breath for now, that is until Xiaomi start their expansion outside of China.

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