• Michael Weeding

Bendgate karma

This one is good! Samsung has claimed a senior executive from LG vandalised one of their washing machines at a trade show in Berlin last year. So while the exec heads to court to defend the charges LG have decided to let the crowd decide if this really is a sinister as we are lead to believe.

To get the crowd involved LG has posted footage of the alleged incident onto YouTube. In this footage they have created a story depicting normal uses of a washing machine that simulates the actions of the exec (also known as Jo) at the trade show. Of course Samsung has come out and said that the footage has been altered.

Could this be karma coming back to bite Samsung after they went so hard with their advertising campaign targeting the bending iPhone 6. If so maybe LG need to step it up a bit and create more content than a single post. If they do this well they could turn Jo into a major celebrity and in the process re-enforce the message that their products are built to last because they have engineers that do not mess around (and know how to bend things!)

Let’s hope this gets a little more interesting, although I am predicting this is the best we will see from both sides.

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