• Michael Weeding

Your TV commercial is not video content

I find the world of video content amazing, you cannot but be impressed with the creativity of individuals armed with a smartphone and some imagination and their ability to connect to a new generation.

My kids talk to me more about their favourite YouTuber than they talk about their favourite TV show. In fact I do not think they even have a favourite TV show.

Nielsen’s reports have always highlighted the stats that younger viewers are watching less traditional television and consuming more overall video content. For instance, while the daily time spent with the TV screen for U.S. viewers 18-34 has decreased 10 minutes since Q2 2012, daily digital video consumption among that same demo has increased 16 minutes over that time period.

Now I am not one that is going to proclaim that TV is dying…not yet. The average consumer at least in the US consumes at least four and a half hours of live TV per day and there is still plenty of good content that is made for TV (apart from all that reality TV crap that has far exceeded its expiry date).

But this new world of video content outside the usual streaming of mainstream TV shows or movies is unique and can be very entertaining. It would also be in most cases the content a high end marketing team would create inside a large organisation.

Which probably explains some organisations still load their most recent TV commercial into their YouTube channel. I know some commercials are creative and entertaining but most are not, they are just TV commercials, the same ones we fast forward through after recording and watching our favourite shows.

If you want to use YouTube as a channel to broadcast your content go out there and look at what is succeful, in most cases I will bet it is total opposite to what you are doing now.


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