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The Apple Watch will Not Disrupt the Luxury Watch Market

A lot can happen in a week! Despite the Apple Watch being talked about for nearly a year it seems all of a sudden there is a collective realisation that this is actually going to happen, and all the focus seems to be pointed towards the luxury Apple Watch. So will Apple disrupt the luxury watch makers?

Let’s not forget that the Smartphone has always done the job of a watch, but more than that it automatically adjusts the time when you move to different time zones and like the traditional watch it is always with you. So if you are like me you stopped wearing a watch many years ago because you just did not need one. Now the Smartphone is going to have a companion that together will provide the consumer with so much more than a traditional watch could ever do and as a result people like me will start wearing a watch again.

Will I be purchasing a $10,000 Apple Watch… no, but that is not the point. The watch as we know it is changing, just like the phone stopped being something that we only use to makes phone calls the watch it is no longer an item of jewellery that only tells the time.

For anyone that is in the business of making watches despite the price point they have to work out pretty quickly, if they have not done so already, whether they are in the jewellery game or the watch game, If they decide they are selling watches then they better be able to compete with technology companies like Apple and Google.

It is not the Apple Watch that s disrupting watch makers, their industry was disrupted when the Smartphone launched back in 2007. If they did not work that out all those years ago then with the launch of the Apple Watch they do have a lot of reasons to start to worry as now the disruption caused by the Smartphone will start to feel very real.

So while I will not be lining up to purchase the luxury Apple Watch I will be for the Apple Watch Sport.

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