• Michael Weeding

Apple Watch Hype

The hype around the Apple Watch is continuing to build and to add to this excitement many of the Apps are starting to appear in the App Store ahead of the launch of the watch. So why is this happening and what can we expect?

The motivation to put the Apps in the store ahead of the launch has not been done only to add fuel to the hype. The more logical explanation is by doing this it will make it easier for Apple staff to load them across their demo watches available in the Apple Stores across the world.

So now that we can see what is coming what can we expect?

Well nothing more than we would have already anticipated. Those who have an Apple Watch will be reaching into their pocket less to pull out their phone to check their messages or even pay for things but their world is probably not going to change overnight.

Then again the opportunity that a Smart Watch will bring was never going to be realised in the first generation release. So here’s to pulling my phone out of my pocket less for now, let the Smart Watch evolution begin!

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