• Michael Weeding

Is the Digital Divide Widening?

I was told this week that “us digital people” speak a different language, one that normal people have no idea what we are talking about. So what did that mean?

Now I know the use of 3 and 4 digital acronyms has not been lost on the digital world but it made me think, has the digital divide widening so far that we are not seen now as normal, or is it that if you are not able to communicate using the language of digital then it is you are the one that is not normal?

So I went through my note book and talk to my digital colleagues and found a plethora of words and acronyms that would not easily be understood by normal folk. A quick search on the Internet will reveal many sites that provide support in translation the acronyms that digital people commonly use.

It is not that digital people have intended to become an alien life form to many, a group that only speaks in jargon, it has just happened driven by the need to be able to communicate when there is some new solution or service created every day.

It may not make “us digital people” alien, but it does make us all much more interesting.

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