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Blocking Ad Blockers

We all know and accept that the Internet is not free, somewhere and somehow someone has to be able to make some money for providing their free service. So if advertising if the source of revenue for many organisations is the game of tug of war going on with regard to ad -blocking software a good thing for the consumer?

Ad-Blocking software has been around for a while but it really hit the news in the last week when Apple announced that they plans to let iPhone users who update to iOS 9 (the new iPhone operating system) block all ads seen through the phone’s Safari web browser.

It has been reported that currently about 5% of the global Internet population use ad-blocking software, which represents about 144 million people. While this may feel like a low number this has already impacted companies like Google who is estimated to have lost 10% of its annual revenue to ad-blockers.

One of the reasons that ad-blocking software is not widespread is that the software is not that well integrated into mobile browsers. So what do you get in the fallout of this move by Apple when Safari has 25% share of all mobile web browsing?

You get ad-blocking busting software!

That’s right, software that will block the ad-blockers. Ben Barokas a former Google executive has just launched Sourcepoint, which will re-insert ads that have been blocked by popular ad-blocking software. It will also alert readers on the consequences that ad-blocking has on publishers and even allow them to control the number of ads that a publisher will be able to show. Now I know in the age of the customer we are meant to put the consumer in control but this is all sounding a little ridiculous.

So why is Apple getting into ad-blocking?

If companies that provide ad-blocking software like Ad-Block Plus make their money by charging a fee so that ads are not blocked then maybe Apple have found another way to make even more money, then again maybe they have other plans which are just not obvious to us all yet.

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