• Michael Weeding

The Crowded Bus

Picture this, a bus full of people both standing and sitting. It reaches its first and final stop. What is the most efficient way to get everyone off he bus? If you answer “let the people that are standing get off before those that are sitting”, then you are consistent with every response when I have asked this question. It is the most logical.

Everyday I catch a bus to work, and everyday the bus is filled with people both standing an sitting. Once the bus gets to the first stop, those that are sitting stand up, which pushes the person sitting next to them into the aisle blocking the path for those who are standing.

Eventually after lots of pushing and shoving we all get off the bus. It is always chaotic!

I am sure if I asked everyone who travels on my bus the same question they would give the same logical answer. So why then if the answer is so obvious no one does it?

It is because decision-making isn’t logical, it’s emotional. Why does someone need to follow a logical and orderly approach when all they care about is getting off the bus and getting to work. No one else is going to worry so why should I?

So if the bus ride to work is going to teach us any lesson it is do not let the most logical answer be the only solution considered when designing a customer experience. There is a good chance that is not what people will do anyway.

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