• Michael Weeding

Be Afraid

You either love them or hate them, but you cannot escape them. The GIF seems to becoming a more important part of the Internet everyday. But there is a worrying trend starting to appear that could mean the GIF will forever be an important part of the Internet, at least for the near future. Some people will shudder when they hear that GIFs could be used effectively in marketing or brand campaigns. Coca Cola recently created “GIF the Feeling” where they created a platform that allows consumers to create a personalised GIF-corresponding to any type of feeling. The idea was that the GIFs could be shared across Facebook and Twitter.

Turns out people prefer to save the GIF, as opposed to sharing it to their social media feeds upon creation. So what Coke have uncovered with this campaign is evidence that there are users out there building a library of GIFs that they can easily incorporate into comment threads on Facebook and as profile pictures for Twitter.

It is concerning to think that there are people out there massing an arsenal of GIFs, ready to use when their friends or followers least expect. Let’s just hope they keep them confined to responding to messages and they never allow a GIF make its way back to the home page banners on any website, unless of course the website is promoting Nyan Cat.

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