• Michael Weeding

Borrowed Experiences

On average we are downloading fewer Apps and of the ones we use 90 percent of us will stop using it within the first 30 days. So what?

I am not preaching the demise of the App, nor do I think that will ever happen (at least in the foreseeable future). It does confirm my point of view that we have to accept that consumers will engage less regularly with a broad array of Apps in the near future.

The ones that service a broad range of needs will become the most popular and the most familiar (i.e. Facebook M, Siri, Google Now and WeChat). Branded Apps (the ones that organisations develop to engage with their brand) will be used for very specific functions related to managing a relationship with that brand and as a result, will have less frequent levels of engagement.

We just need to know where our customer is most active. A marketer now has to become experts at “Integrated Platform Marketing” and will need to think as much about leveraging contextual commerce and start to obsess on how they build complete customer experiences on third party platforms considering all aspects of the sales and marketing funnel.

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