• Michael Weeding


As the world strives to design digital experiences that make it easier for users to access as much information as possible with effortless engagement I am always curious as to the next inspiration for user experience design. Brutalist websites are both a little intriguing and a little scary.

If you walk into any school built in the 70s (at least in Australia) you would more than likely be surrounded by an ugly concrete masterpiece. These types of buildings have become synonymous with the term Brutalism.

Designer Pierre Buttin has redesigned some of our most popular mobile apps inspired by Brutalist designs, which he refers to rugged or ugly web design. He is not the only one doing “web brutalism”, driven by the statistic that sometimes more text does equal more engagement you do not have to go too far to find websites with the unique typeface that would be interpreted as brutal.

It will be interesting to see how this influences future designs of our most popular web apps.

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