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BlackBerry 10 is launching on January 30, are you excited? Probably not, but here are 5 groups of pe

In case you have missed the hype RIM will be launching BlackBerry 10 on January 30, and there are many people who are excited about the launch. I am guessing you are not one of them but trust me there are people who are excited. To prove this I have found the following 5 people or groups of people who are very excited:

1. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins is very excited; he has been busy restructuring the company and has even indicated that selling of BB10 hardware business will be a possibility once it has been launched. Now that is exciting.

2. Investors have been excited, Since Jan. 15, when it was trading at $14.50 per share, RIM’s stock jumped a total of 17.49%.

3. Developers are excited, it is predicted that BB10 will launch with over 70,000 Apps, this prediction is rumoured to be true with many developers busy submitting thousands of Apps in the last few weeks.

4. Who does not love a keyboard and for those of you who love a physical keyboard then it’s the BlackBerry X10 that will get you excited.

5. The best news of all is that the BB10 will use the same HDMI and USB connectors as past BlackBerry devices, now for those who have purchased lots of compatible devices that connect to you BlackBerry you will be very excited that you do not need to spend money on connectors.

The only problem is I do not think there are many useful things you can purchase that dock to your BlackBerry. Ah well, it is still a good opportunity to demonstrate that the team at RIM are more considerate than those at Apple.

It is time to join the hype, just make sure that you look hard or at least follow RIM on Twitter as I do not think your timelines will be littered with content shared from your network on this one.


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