• Michael Weeding

When it comes to digital transformation many organisations are now only treading water faster

There is one thing that will become obvious for many companies over the coming months, if not already, is that their digital transformation efforts were failing. If digital transformation programs were established to prepare an organisation to be better able to respond to opportunities driven by changing markets and consumer expectations now is no better time to put all this effort to the test.

The truth is that when it comes to digital transformation most organisations have only ever been treading water. The research points to the fact that of all the companies that attempt to transform themselves digitally less than 30% will succeed.

As organisations mature their digital capabilities, they move from working within feature factories where performance is tied to velocity to becoming outcome led where they are better at connecting the work they do to the outcomes they achieve. People who work in outcome led organisations are able to connect everything they do to the value that it drives.

So how you are being asked to respond right now will tell a lot about your organisation’s digital maturity. If you are running hard at a new solution that someone has decided will solve your next business problem. Or if someone believes you have been able to move entire teams out of the office and with the help of one simple collaboration tool maintain the same focus and momentum it is more than likely you have simply gone from treading water to treading water faster.

The reality is if your organisation have not invested in building the capabilities to drive your digital operating model then simply subscribing to Zoom is not going to close that gap. So instead of getting your teams to run hard at the next new feature or solution take a moment to have a good look at the competencies of your teams, identify some of the critical gaps and formulate a plan to close them. It may just help you stop treading water faster and hopefully start swimming.

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